“Our aim, at Sedgefield Primary, is to provide high quality education within a nurturing, learning environment, so preparing children to become caring, creative and responsible citizens of the future. Visitors to our school are impressed by the exemplary behaviour, positive attitudes, enthusiasm and talents of our children. They are taught by a highly committed and skilled staff, who ensure quality teaching and learning throughout our school. However, our school is much more than this; the positive atmosphere that exists at our school fully encourages our children to have excellent attitudes towards each other and there is a strong sense of belonging, caring and consideration. Our children are happy, confident and show pride in themselves, their work, our school and the community we serve.

We are always pleased to welcome new parents and children to our school. We are proud of our school, our children, their achievements and the role we play in the life of the local community.

 Everyone is always welcome to contact or visit our school to find out more about us.”

Mrs Andrea Cox

Head Teacher.

Sedgefield Primary @atsedgefieldpri

02:37 Year 2 watching the special ceremony to deconstruct the beautiful mandala. https://t.co/pGMBoS8WkS

02:35 Another fantastic day working with the Buddhist Monks at Durham Cathedral but this time Year 2! https://t.co/tTwRE70ARg

24 May What a fantastic display from the Primary Athletics team coming in Gold position overall! https://t.co/q7tre9yFvl

23 May Year 1 had a brilliant afternoon at Durham Cathedral working with Tibetan Buddhist Monks. https://t.co/LfIoXkDHit