Sedgefield Primary School

  1. PSHE and RSHE


Our PSHE and RSHE leader is Miss C Lancaster

Our PSHE and RSHE governor is Dr W Gill

Pupils at Sedgefield Primary School are taught PSHE and RSE each week. This is taught through a curriculum from The PSHE Association that has been adapted to meet the current needs of the pupils at Sedgefield Primary School. PSHE and RSHE is taught from Early Years to Year 6 and is in line with the National Curriculum and Government guidelines. Our curriculum is divided into 3 core themes: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, and Living in the Wider World.

The PSHE and RSHE curriculum promotes learning across other subjects, increases knowledge of the wider community, important life skills, and stimulates character building and team work. Our teachers provide lessons and activities which promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and prepare them for later life. We provide evidence of lessons in our class PHSE and RSHE Book by adding photographs, samples of work, notes and children’s quotes.

Some PSHE and RSE topics are taught through our Family Group sessions. Sedgefield Primary School is very proud of our Family Groups which take place every 2 weeks and follow carefully planned activities linked to Protected Characteristics, wellbeing, and other topics. They provide an opportunity for a mixture all year groups and family links to come together and experience PSHE and RSHE lessons. Family Group time is very important to the parents, children, and staff of Sedgefield Primary School. We provide evidence of these lessons in our Family Group Book by adding photographs, samples of work, notes and children’s quotes.

In addition to our class lessons and Family Groups sessions, we provide opportunities to teach, inform and practise British Values and other PSHE topics through daily assemblies and class collective assemblies. This supports the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, and physical development of all children.

We consult with parents every few years and send regular informative newsletters with links to useful information.


When children leave Sedgefield Primary School we would like them to be able to:

Have the skills and experiences to have healthy, positive, and appropriate relationships with friends and family throughout their life.

Demonstrate and apply the British Values of Democracy and Rule of Law.

Have a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Collaborate with other pupils as part of a team.

Have an understanding of safety at home and in the wider world, including online safety.

Be a good citizen and respect people and the environment around them.


If you require any further information about PSHE or RSHE at our school, please contact Miss C Lancaster via the school office.


Please click below to access our PSHE & RSHE documents:

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Our PSHE and RSHE Curriculum permeates through all aspects of our school.  Further information can be found on other pages of our website.  Please click on the links below to find out more information:

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For more information about the PSHE/RSHE curriculum, please contact Miss Lancaster via the school office 01740 620359,