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Sedgefield Fun Club

Fun Club cares for children from 3 to 13 years old within its fabulous purpose built facility on the school yard.  Nursery, Reception and KS1 children are cared for downstairs and older children (KS2 and older) are accommodated in the more 'grown up' space upstairs.  It is open from 7.30am to 6.00pm, 51 weeks a year.  During term time children are dropped off at Fun Club from 7.30am.  They have breakfast and take part in fun activities and play with their friends until it is time for school.  Fun Club staff ensure the children are passed over to the care of the school staff and pass on any relevant information.  After school Fun Club staff collect the children from school staff; once again relevant information is passed on.  They then go to Fun Club where they have a light snack and a range of fun activities is on offer.  Alternatively, children can select games or toys and play their own games with their friends.  Fun Club and school works closely together to integrate the school's programme of extra-curricular activities with the wrap around care Fun Club offers. This means that children can attend a school run activity and then go to Fun Club.  During the holidays there is a programme of activities, visitors and visits, ensuring every day is fun-filled for the children.

Parents/carers can use some of their '30 hours free childcare' for Fun Club.  Alternatively, a range of childcare vouchers are also accepted.

If you would like to contact Fun Club to book a place or find out more information, their contact details are: 01740 623565,

For more information about the extra-curricular activities offered by school this term, please click here.

Ofsted 8th November 2017

Fun Club was inspected on 8th November.  Some highlights of the report are:

  • "warm and positive environment"
  • "children are happy and engaged"
  • "The learning environment is bright and appealing."
  • "Staff help children to make friends across the age groups and play well together."
  • "They (the staff) use their good knowledge of how young children learn to support and complement the skills they learn in school."
  • "Children show high levels of confidence when they explore the wide range of stimulating resources provided for them."
  • "Staff support children well as they play."
  • "Children of all ages behave very well.  Staff support them to develop and value the attitudes they need to be effective learners in school."
  • "Children thoroughly enjoy the time they spend at the club"
  • "Effective communication helps parents to quickly establish high levels of trust in the caring and motivated staff team.  Parents report how much they appreciate the high levels of care provided for children after their day in school."

 Click here to access the report.


Fun Club have a Facebook Page.  Please click Image result for facebook logo to find out their latest news.