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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! We hope that you all had a fantastic summer with plenty of rest and relaxation, ready for the year ahead. We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Year 4 and are both looking forward to us having an enjoyable and hardworking year together.

From Monday morning until Wednesday lunchtime Mrs Gibson will teach Year 4. From Wednesday lunchtime onwards, Mrs Wearmouth will teach Year 4.

We’d like to take this opportunity to give you some information about what your child will be studying, what they will need for school and how you can help. Please see below for our newsletter.

Information on the Multiplication Tables Check for Year 4

Year 4 Christmas Song

From all of Year 4 'Merry Christmas Everyone'!


Year 4 have kick-started our 'Wellbeing' block of lessons by making our very own 'Emotion Jars'.

Science Week in Year 4 

To kick start our Science Week, we started with a couple of demonstrations. First, we used kitchen roll, felt tip pens and water to 'grow a rainbow'. Next, we used Skittles and warm water to explore colour mixing. Finally, (and most enthusiastically) we were given the 'Egg Drop Challenge'. Each group had to design and construct a structure (with a limited budget) to protect an egg. . It was an eggsplosive afternoon, where everyone tried eggxtra- special to have a cracking time! 

Egg-citing Science

Year 4 have been investigating which drink causes the most tooth decay. They tested the effects of Coke, orange juice, milk and water, using eggshells as models for 'teeth enamel'.  Making detailed daily observations, they've found some very interesting results. Which do you think caused the most decay? 

Festive FUN!

Year 4 have had lots of festive fun making their Christmas cards and calendars. 

A festive treat from the brass players. Year 4 have had a fantastic term learning how to play the cornet.

Meeting the author, Stuart Reid

Year 4 have had an absolutely astonishing, awesome and amazing afternoon with the author Stuart Reid. As well as giving the class ideas for creative writing and making 'reading rock', he also made sure that the children had a lesson full of humour and laughter. 


In PE, we have been learning about individual and paired balances as part of our Gymnastics unit. During lessons, the children have been experimenting with different balances. We have shared examples of good work and highlighted the importance of a full extension and body tension. The children are now working hard to develop their own gymnastics sequence which will include a variety of paired balances. 

DB Primary

DB Primary is our school's brand new 'Primary Learning Cloud'. It is a safe area on the internet for pupils and members of our school community to share information and access a wide range of learning resources, anytime, anywhere and on any device connected to the internet. 

Practical benefits for pupils:

DB Primary will enable pupils to:

  • Access learning materials outside lesson time and from any location
  • Store work and notes online for use in homework and revision
  • Work at their own pace and with a wider choice of learning styles
  • Improve their ICT skills and online management
  • Participate in live discussions and forums with other students and teachers

 Practical benefits for parents & carers:

DB Primary will enable parents and carers to:

  • Support children with learning which takes place outside school
  • Access their child's personal home page to keep track of their work and the curriculum
  • Engage with wider school issues through online communication tools
  • Become active partners with the school

If you do not have a computer with internet access, please let your child’s teacher know. 

Please note that DB Primary does not filter the internet. You need to have your own internet firewall and parental controls set up.

 Log into DB Primary

You can find our school’s DB Primary login page on the school website, or via this address:

DB Primary- Parent Information Leaflet

DB Primary - A guide for parents

Spelling Overview for Autumn 1

Below, is a copy of our Spelling lists for the first 7 weeks of the Autumn term. Each week we will focus on a different spelling pattern. These will be rehearsed daily in class through investigations, games and puzzles. Please note we no longer carry out weekly spelling tests.



Open Afternoon in Year 4

Parents, carers and grandparents joined Year 4 for an open afternoon on Tuesday 24th May. After some time spent continuing with our Platinum Jubilee projects, we then took part in our final mini-tennis lesson with Ben from Go Well. It was lovely to see so many adults in school even if the weather was not on our side. 

Mini- Tennis Coaching

 Year 4 have started tennis coaching with Ben from Go Well. Over the next 5 weeks, we will be learning and refining our tennis skills. 

Yoga with Laura

 Year 4 started the day perfectly with a morning yoga session, led by Laura from

.It began with some mindfulness and learning festive poses. She then finished the session with a little relaxation. Well done Year 4!Woman in lotus positionSunrise

Musical Instruments

As part of our Science unit, the children designed and made their own musical instruments over the October half-term. The children were very keen to share their designs and we were very impressed with their creations. Well done Year 4! 


In Science we are learning about 'Sound'. We have been experimenting with different instruments to see how sounds are made. We have also tried lots of different activities which help to show that sounds are made due to an object vibrating. Our favourite was hitting a tuning fork against a desk and then placing it in the water. This caused much amusement among the class.

We all had lots of fun devising our own investigation into how to muffle sound. In it, we had to help solve our sound-proofing dilemma and put a smile on Professor Big-Hair and Professor Bee-Hive by stopping a noisy alarm clock from disturbing their work. After much thought, they all came up with sensible ways to solve the problem and give the Professors scientific advice. Well done Year 4.

Maths lessons

Our Maths lessons follow a 'Mastery' approach where there is an increased emphasis on children being able to explain how and why. In the summer term, all children in Year 4 are required to undertake a national assessment of their multiplication knowledge so continuous practise is essential. Further information can be found: