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Year 5 French speaking about sports.

Year 5

A festive treat from the brass players.

Year 5 have done a tremendous job learning their parts for 'Christmas Time' and 'Jingle Bells' so that they can perform as a band.

Author Visit:

Year 5 took part in a Creative Writing Workshop delivered by the lively Scottish acclaimed author Stuart Reid.

Stuart ran workshops throughout the school.  Creative writing is a big focus in Year 5. Pupils felt inspired and produced great follow-up writing.

Year 5 Team !

Current class 5 - Acting Out Skills in Science lessons above.,

Colour Run! 

Colour Mania for Class 5

The Highwayman was used to inspire musical compositions. Pupils worked in collaborative groups. 

Team work is a big element in Year 5 and we use our building learning power skills to achieve this.

Watch Planet Earth on BBC i Player to appreciate the world we live in! 

For National Poetry Day Class Created Poems based on the theme, A new Day is dawning.

See below for an example of poetry by Year 5 pupil

New beginnings!

All the parks were swopped for tarmac,

Children were addicted to their PS4,

Nothing was enough,

Always wanting more!


Then in 2020 

A virus was uncovered,

We got told to hide away,

Amid the fear,

We all felt alone.


People's diaries became empty,

Car keys were abandoned,

Mums and grandmas were called,

To send love and hope.


The forest began to breath,

The sea murmured in happiness,

Finally the world of waste and fear flew,

And a new one galloped to take its place.






Watch our Beamish Trip videos above to see a fantastic highlight of Year 5!

Music Mania!  See our musical compositions from the videos above and below.