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Year 6

Summer 2022

The Summer term is under way. Year 6 are preparing for SATs and looking forward to starting work on our leavers' production.



Hill Group

River Group

 Valley Group

Year 6 have been looking at the circulation system in science.

To find out what the components of blood are, we made our own.

Year 6 dissected hearts to investigate how they are constructed.

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Year 6 have been finding out about the world's tallest buildings in Design Technology. They had to use their knowledge to create a tall, stable structure using rolls of paper. Some were very successful!

Year 6 are singing Silent Night as we have been learning about the Christmas truce in World War 1 when this carol was sung in English and German. 

A festive treat from the brass players.

Year 6 have done a tremendous job of learning their parts for 'Christmas Time' and 'Jingle Bells' so that they can play as a band.