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Useful Documents

  • Medicines in School - Should your child be well enough to attend school but still require medication prescribed by a doctor, we require that the authorisation form is completed in the school Office by a parent/carer. This form itemises the medication and how/when it should be dispensed (N.B. we have been advised only to administer medication that requires 4 or more doses a day or emergency medication). All medication is securely stored in the school office (or fridge if necessary). We have been advised that we are not permitted to administer non-prescribed medication and for the safety of all our pupils these should not be sent to school at any time. There may be occasions when a child is unwell or injured while at school and, in these instances, staff will act as concerned  parents by  administering any necessary treatment. A note of the incident and associated treatment will be sent home at the end of the day or parents will be contacted immediately in the case of emergency. It is essential, therefore, that current Parent Contact details are advised in the case of any change.  (see Data Collection above).
  •         Privacy Notice - important information on the data we hold and what it is used for.