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Year 1

We can work independently! We can work independently! We can work independently! We can work independently! We can work independently!

Welcome to Year 1!

                   Autumn Term                    


Spirals! The children started to draw spiral shapes on the school yard as part of their art lesson. 

St Edmund's Church

We visited St Edmund's Church to look at features of a church.

Ceddesfeld Park Autumn Walk


Margaret talked to us about Christmas in the past. She brought in some old toys as an example of things she got for Christmas.

 Ordering Numbers

We played a fun game on the yard to order numbers 0-28. Active Maths!

ExplQRe Day!

The children scanned QR codes hidden around the yard to reveal cartoon characters. 

Elmer Day!

Sedgefield Library Visit

The children had a lovely afternoon in Sedgefield Library. They listened to Elmer stories and completed an Elmer craft activity.

Science- The Human Body

The children learned the main parts of the human body and labelled their partners body parts. 

Making Predictions

The class used their sense of sight, smell and taste to predict the flavour of the crisps.

Science with Problem Pup!

The children investigated which material would soak up Problem Pup's water the best. They found the fabric was the most absorbent. 

                     Spring Term                            

                   Summer Term                 

Little Wandle Reading and Phonics Meeting



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