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Year 1

We can work independently! We can work independently! We can work independently! We can work independently! We can work independently!

Welcome to Year 1!

                   Autumn Term                    

Our First Day in Year 1

The children have enjoyed writing, action songs, building, letter formation, talking about school rules, and playing parachute games on their first day in Year 1.

St Edmund's Church

The class went to St Edmund's Church to look at the features they had been talking about in RE lessons. 

Live History Source!

Year 1 were very lucky to have a live History source in school. Margaret brought old photos and shared stories about her childhood. They learned about homes, school, clothes and toys in the past.

Our Classroom

Elmer Day

The children had great fun making patterns, eating party food, playing Elmer games and making Elmer masks.


We had a great time playing 'Quidditch' on the school field, just like Harry Potter!

How many snowmen weigh the same as Elf?

The children used balance scales to see how many chocolate snowmen weight the same as Elf.

 Ordering Numbers

The class ordered numbers 0-28.

The Human Body

The children could label the main parts of the human body.

Ceddesfeld Park

The children visited Ceddesfeld Park to look at the autumnal changes. They also produced some autumn art sketches.

Career Event

The children enjoyed taking part in the whole school career event. We had volunteers from estate agents, vets, a footballer, fire fighters and a farmer to talk to us about their careers. 

                    Spring Term                        

Experimenting with Watercolour

The class have been experimenting with watercolour in Art. They were inspired by Emma Burleigh and how she uses the 'wet on wet' technique. 

Library Visit

Year 1 visited Sedgefield Library. They listened to tradition tales and made a book mark.

The Bowes Museum

As part of our History topics, we looked at 'Toys in the Past'. The children also made peg dolls and had a look around the museum.

Geography Fieldwork in Sedgefield

Year 1 completed some fieldwork in Sedgefield as part of the Geography curriculum. They labelled areas on the map and carried out a tally chart to count people, dogs and bins in the area.

                   Summer Term                 

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Year have been completing activities with Chris, the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities leader.

Week 1 consisted of building a wild hospital shelter as a team. It was a great shelter!

Week 2

Can you see the Year 1 children?

Week 3

We toasted nettles on the fire and then ate them!! Well done for trying the nettles Year 1.

Week 4

Year 1 made traps by digging holes on the field and covering them with twigs and grass. They tested them out on Mr Lowe!






Little Wandle Reading and Phonics Meeting

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities in Hardwick Park

The class enjoyed a number of OAA activities in Hardwick Park. They worked together as a team and showed great resilience. 

Science- What can we see inside fruits?

The children used observational skills to look closely at the seeds inside different fruits. They used magnifying glasses and compared the seeds. 






















 Important Information 

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Design Technology

The children researched buildings in Sedgefield. They then designed a building they would make and labelled it with the materials they would make it out of. Here are the finished products! 


The children used simple instructions of forwards, backwards, left and right to program the Bee Bot to move around obstacles in the classroom.

Year 1 Open Afternoon

The adults joined in with creating natural art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.